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How To Exercise Safely
By Argyle Family Practice
March 19, 2021
Category: Wellness
Tags: Exercise  

Regular exercise and visits with your family practice doctors in Argyle, TX, can help you stay healthy.

Regular exercise is important for many reasons. When you are active it helps you maintain a healthy weight, manage your stress, and boost your self-esteem. Exercise becomes even more important as you get older because it helps you stay mobile and flexible.

The only problem is, you can injure yourself while you are exercising. There are some important ways you can exercise safely. Dr. Christopher Hughes and Dr. William Musgrave at Argyle Family Practice in Argyle, TX, offer a broad range of family practice services, including lifestyle tips on how to exercise safely.

Ask your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen if the workout is right for you. Your doctor may also want to do a physical before you are beginning to exercise, to make sure it’s safe for you.

Before you exercise, it’s important to stretch out thoroughly. Stretching helps to warm up your muscles, tendons, and ligaments, getting them ready for exercise. When you are warmed up, it decreases your chances of suffering an injury.

Start out slowly with exercise, especially if you haven’t been active for a period of time or if you are new to your activity. You and your body need some time to get used to working out.

Always wear the appropriate footwear for the exercise you are doing. Foot, ankle, and leg injuries from exercising are very common, and wearing the right shoes can help prevent them.

Avoid high-impact activities like running or tennis if you have joint problems or are older. Instead, you should start out with low-impact activities like swimming or walking.

A few simple steps like those listed above can help you exercise safely. Exercise provides many health benefits like lowering blood pressure, controlling weight, and looking your best. Exercise also helps give your mood a boost.

To find out more about how you can exercise safely and stay healthy, call Dr. Hughes and Dr. Musgrave of Argyle Family Practice in Argyle, TX, at (940) 226-4850 today!