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Treating Your Chronic Disease
By Argyle Family Practice
February 25, 2020
Category: Medical
Tags: Chronic Disease  

Each day, millions of people deal with the stress of living with a chronic illness, i.e. a long-term medical condition that cannot be completely cured, only treated through medications, surgeries, and lifestyle changes. Fortunately, here at the Argyle, TX, office of Dr. Christopher Hughes, we can help treat your chronic medical conditions and improve your overall health in the process.

Illnesses that are Considered Chronic Diseases

Not every sickness is considered a chronic disease. The flu, the common cold, a sprained ankle or Strep throat are not lifelong afflictions. They are short-term illnesses that will eventually go away with treatment. On the other hand, there are serious medical conditions that affect patients throughout their lives. These include diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, asthma, heart disease, lupus, HIV/AIDS and multiple sclerosis. Of course, this is just a fraction of chronic diseases that plague people in Argyle, TX, and around the world.

Get Information about Your Chronic Disease

If you want to manage your chronic disease, learn as much as you can about it. Ask your doctor or nurse for further information about your medical condition and locate reliable online resources so you can conduct more research on the topic.

Monitor Your Chronic Disease Symptoms at Home

Listen to your body and be aware of any changes in your symptoms. Continuously monitoring how you feel will help you notice possibly dangerous changes before they get worse.

Understand Your Medications

At times, someone with a chronic disease takes several prescription medications to treat the condition. Get familiar with the medications you take and understand their purpose, dosage, and potential side effects.

Lifestyle Changes

Poor lifestyle choices often contribute to chronic diseases. Smoking, as well as obesity, can cause heart disease, while unhealthy eating habits can cause high blood pressure. Avoiding drug use, eating a healthy diet and regular physical exercise help you to avoid many life-long diseases.

Finding the Right Doctor for Your Chronic Condition

Treating a chronic disease involves finding the right physician. If you're looking for an Argyle, TX, doctor to treat a chronic disease, choose Dr. Christopher Hughes. Contact us today at (940) 226-4850.