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Women's Healthcare Services
By Argyle Family Practice
February 20, 2020
Category: Medical
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Preventive care is services that are 100 percent covered by your health insurance. If you're a woman, there are additional exams and screenings you need in order to maintain good health. As with other preventive services, those provided to women have firm scientific evidence that they offer important health benefits. Dr. Christopher Hughes provides women's healthcare services and preventive care in Argyle, TX. Which women's services are preventive care? Read on to learn more.

Well Woman Visit

During a well woman visit, the doctor gives you your annual physical. This allows the doctor to ensure your immunizations are up to date and provide counseling your lifestyle habits. Your doctor may also talk with you about different types of birth control. Women who need women's healthcare services and preventive health in Argyle, TX can set up an appointment with Dr. Christopher Hughes at Argyle Family Practice.

Cervical Cancer Screening

When you receive a cervical cancer screen, your doctor will administer a PAP test (also known as a PAP smear) and an HPV test.

During a PAP test, the doctor looks for early stages of cancer. He or she searches for cancer cell changes because these changes may indicate that there's a risk of it developing into cervical cancer.

When you receive a HPV test, the doctor looks for the virus called human papillomavirus. The HPV can cause cell changes that are detected within a PAP test.

Breast Cancer Screening

During a breast cancer screening, the doctor checks your breasts for early signs of cancer. When you find breast cancer in its earliest stages, it makes it less challenging to treat.

A clinical breast exam involves the doctor or nurse using his or her hands to feel for any changes or lumps inside the breast.

A mammogram is an x-ray the breast. Scientists consider it the best way to catch breast cancer early. Regular mammograms increase your chance of early detection. 

A breast MRI (also known as breast magnetic resonance imaging) is a medical machines that uses radio waves and magnets to take a picture of the breasts. This MRI is only given to women with a high risk of breast cancer since the results may appear abnormal even when there's no cancer present.

Prenatal Care

Prenatal care is the kind of healthcare you receive when you're pregnant. It's designed to keep you and your unborn baby healthy through regular checkups and prenatal testing. The checkups and prenatal tests can help your doctor detect any health issues that may arise. It also lets the doctor prevent possible pregnancy complications.

Women who want to live long, healthy lives should receive preventive healthcare on a regular basis. They have unique medical needs that require specialized exams and screenings. If you need women's healthcare services and preventive care in Argyle, TX, contact Dr. Christopher Hughes at (940) 226-4850.