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By Argyle Family Practice
July 10, 2020
Category: Medical
Tags: Annual Checkups  

In a nutshell, annual checkups here at Argyle Family Practice in Argyle, TX, with your doctor, Dr. William Musgrave, covers all the essentials, including:

  • Standard health screening tests for early disease detection
  • Medication prescriptions
  • Immunizations
  • Health counseling

These things are just among the various reasons why going to your doctor for yearly checkups is crucial, even if you’re not feeling anything unusual.

I’m Perfectly Healthy. Do I Still Need to Undergo an Annual Health Checkup?

It’s critically vital to stay up-to-date on all recommended vaccines and screening tests, and the easiest way to ensure this is by going to yearly checkups. Otherwise, you may suddenly be hit by something serious that could’ve been easily treated earlier if it was spotted earlier.

More importantly, however, these checkups will help build a more beneficial relationship with your doctor here at Argyle, TX, that will enable both of you to craft a personalized healthcare plan that suits your specific requirements and optimizes health results.

What’s Involved in The Annual Health Checkup?

You and your doctor will review and discuss your family and medical history to assess which screenings, vaccines, and tests will be done, based on your history, your age, and current condition. The maximum time that most individuals can go without health checkups is three years but older individuals who have significant disease factors should ideally check in with their doctor annually or more regularly.

Expect to undergo standard urine and blood tests to check your blood sugar, cholesterol, electrolytes, kidneys, and blood counts, among others. You may likewise need to undergo screenings for obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. In addition, you could take this one-on-one time with your doctor to bring up any medical, emotional, social, or personal concerns or questions that are bothering you.

Based on all your doctor’s findings, you and your doctor will then discuss any risks that could put your health in danger. Your doctor may recommend certain lifestyle modifications and/or medications to help you reduce those health risks.

For More Details on Annual Checkups, Talk to Us

Schedule a visit with Dr. William Musgrave here at Argyle Family Practice in Argyle, TX, by dialing (940) 226-4850.

By Argyle Family Practice
January 24, 2020
Category: Medical
Tags: Annual Checkups  

Annual checkups are a necessary preventative measure. Dr. Musgrave of Argyle, TX, provides his patients with an annual checkup, which includes a complete evaluation of your health history, a physical exam, and tests.

You must set up an appointment with your doctor. Yearly checkups are important because they help doctors discover conditions that need treatment and find disease risk factors. Annual checkups also help manage already-existing chronic or ongoing conditions, allow doctors to keep a close eye on the effects of medicine you're taking, and stop illnesses from progressing.

Annual checkups are extremely important for pregnant women's prenatal care, STD prevention and can be used as an information session to prove much needed nutritional advice. Dr. Musgrave provides these yearly checkups to ensure his patients have a long, healthy life and because he has a complete picture of your family and medical history, he can provide a holistic treatment plan and custom advice.

What type of exams and tests are provided?

  • Your Argyle family doctor will ask about your medical history and lifestyle choices, like if you smoke, drink alcohol, are sexually active and/or had health issues, what your diet consists of, and if you exercise.
  • He'll test your blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, and temperature
  • Dr. Musgrave will observe your general appearance, like skin color, the way you walk and your general memory, just to name a few.
  • Exams conducted include: heart, lung, head and neck, abdominal, neurological, dermatological and an extremities exam.
  • There are also necessary laboratory tests, like a complete blood count, a chemistry panel and a urinalysis.

Males and females need different and more specialized annual exams.

Males need the following:

  • Testicular exam
  • Hernia exam
  • Penis and prostate exam

Females need the following:

  • Breast exam
  • Pelvic exam

Annual checkups are important and crucial for you and your family's health. It's a preventative measure that can stop diseases early on and is a way to monitor your overall health. If you would like to speak with Dr. Musgrave of Argyle, TX, then don't hesitate to call Argyle Family Practice PA at (940) 226-4850.