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By Argyle Family Practice
December 23, 2020
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How well do you have your epilepsy under control?

Our Argyle, TX, family doctors Dr. William Musgrave understand how much epilepsy can affect a person’s life, especially when seizures arise. We work with our patients to find effective solutions to help them manage their epilepsy while still being able to live a healthy and happy life. Of course, it’s important that you take a vested interest in managing your epilepsy. Here are some self-care tips to improve living with epilepsy,

Take Medication as Prescribed

We know how busy life can get, but if you are living with epilepsy it’s incredibly important that you remember to take your medication exactly as directed. Since missing a dose can increase your risk it’s crucial to make sure that you are taking your medication on time. Set a timer on your phone or an alert to remind yourself it’s time to take your medication.

How do you know your medication is working? Are you not experiencing seizures or noticing a difference in the number of your seizures? While this might seem more obvious for those who deal with seizures frequently it might not be as apparent for those who don’t experience a lot of seizures. If you aren’t sure whether your medication is working, don’t hesitate to discuss this with our Argyle, TX, family doctor.

Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

There are certain lifestyle “hacks” that could improve living with epilepsy. Many of these habits are ones that everyone should follow to lead healthier lives. These include,

  • Finding effective ways to manage your stress
  • Getting good quality sleep every night
  • Making sure you are staying hydrated and drinking enough water every day
  • Eating a healthy, balanced diet
  • Avoiding alcohol
  • Practicing good hygiene to reduce the risk of catching colds and other viruses
  • Avoiding settings with strobing or flashing lights
  • Turning to family, friends, and the community (having a strong support system is important)
  • Getting regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight
  • Monitoring and tracking your seizures

It’s important that you have a doctor here in Argyle, TX, that you can turn to for regular checkups to make sure that you have your epilepsy fully under control.

To schedule a consultation with our team, call Argyle Family Practice at (940) 226-4850.