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By Argyle Family Practice
May 13, 2020
Category: Medical
Tags: Mental Health  

Is the lockdown making you stressed? Here are some ways to foster good mental health right now.

It’s safe to say that most people weren’t prepared for a global pandemic. Therefore, it’s not surprising that this current situation has left a lot of people stressed, anxious, and concerned. Therefore, it’s now more important than ever that everyone is looking after their mental health. From the office of our Argyle, TX, family doctors, Dr. William Musgrave, here are some ways to improve resilience and manage your mental health during Covid-19,

Know Your Triggers

It’s important to recognize the specific thoughts or behavioral patterns that send you emotionally spiraling. For example, you may be finding yourself compulsively checking the news throughout the day, which can increase anxiety and other negative emotions. Limit how much news you are consuming each day and find helpful mindfulness and breathing practices that can help you when you find negative thoughts and behaviors creeping in.

Stick to a Routine

Many people feel out of sorts because they no longer have the same routine that they’ve been following day in and day out; however, creating a new at-home routine can help you manage anxiety. If you are now working from home, it’s a good idea to designate a specific workspace. Follow as much of your normal work schedule as possible and tackle those household chores and other distractions after work or during specifically designated work breaks.

Stay Connected

Just because we can’t see people face to face doesn’t mean that we can’t still connect with them, even if it is virtually. Humans are social beings after all and need regular interaction.

Schedule virtual book club sessions, FaceTime your family, or enjoy a quick mid-day coffee chat with coworkers on Zoom. Modern technology makes it possible for us to still stay connected even during these challenging times.

We know that these are unusual and particularly stressful times for everyone. Our medical team here in Argyle, TX, wants you to know that we are here for you and are still providing care and treatment through telemedicine visits. So, whether you need to get a prescription refilled or you want to talk about the best ways to alleviate stress, the team at Argyle Family Practice is here to help. Call us at (940) 226-4850.

By Argyle Family Practice
January 24, 2020
Category: Medical
Tags: Mental Health  

Mental health disorders are common. In fact, according to Mental Health First Aid USA, "In the United States, almost half of adults (46.4 percent) will experience a mental illness during their lifetime." Here at Argyle Family Practice PA, in Argyle, TX, Dr. Musgrave provides his patients with quality mental healthcare—read on to learn more.

What Is Mental Illness?

Mental illness is a type of disorder that affects a person's thoughts and behaviors, often making it difficult to deal with everyday activities. Common forms of mental illness include depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and dementia.

Mental health conditions are caused by a variety of traumatic experiences, like death, violence, and divorce. Genetic components, chemical imbalances, or a combination of both may also result in serious mental illnesses.

Symptoms of Mental Illness

Determining if a person is suffering from a mental health condition is difficult, especially if it's a young child or a teen. Some symptoms adults and teens suffer includes persistent sadness or irritability, extreme anxiety/fear, having extreme emotional highs and lows, severe anger, delusional thoughts, confused thinking, hearing/seeing things that aren’t there, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, and/or inability to cope with daily life.

Older children and pre-teens suffer from slightly varying symptoms like substance abuse, vandalism, theft, defying authority, intense/unpredictable mood swings, poor appetite, suicidal thoughts, outbursts of anger, change in sleeping or eating patterns, and/or the inability to manage responsibilities at school or home.

Young children suffer from poor school performance, extreme fear or anxiety, persistent nightmares, changes in sleeping or eating habits, frequently being disobedient or angry, or throwing temper tantrums, and/or hyperactivity

Concerned? Give Us a Call

Dr. Musgrave of Argyle, TX, provides his Argyle Family Practice PA patients with mental healthcare. For more information on how to treat yourself or a loved one, call Dr. Musgrave of Argyle Family Practice PA in Argyle, TX, today at (940) 226-4850.