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By Argyle Family Practice
August 05, 2021
Category: Health

An annual physical exam is critical for people of any age because it can initiate early intervention and prevent any pending health issues. At Argyle Family Practice in Argyle, TX, Dr. Christopher Hughes and Dr. William Musgrave perform physicals for the entire family and are ready to discuss your overall health and answer any questions you may have.

Why is an annual physical examination so critical?

Some people feel you should only see a doctor when you are sick and need treatment, but that is not the case. If you wait until you are sick, months to years may pass before being assessed by your primary care doctor, and they can detect any health issues you may be missing.

Some significant screenings of illnesses that do not always cause physical symptoms but still require medical attention are:

  • Body mass index (BMI): Measure of your weight and height. If high, it can be a sign of obesity.
  • Blood pressure: This measures the force of your blood against your arteries. Too high can lead to cardiac and other serious issues.
  • Blood glucose level: If your glucose is too high, it could be an indicator of diabetes and requires treatment.
  • Cholesterol level: Your body must maintain a certain level of good and bad cholesterol to remain healthy.

You can also discuss any medications you are taking at the physical examination and check if your immunizations are up-to-date. Vaccinations are seen more with children, but adults are eligible for some vaccines as well. Reviewing your immunization record can determine if you would benefit from vaccines such as the flu or shingles vaccination.

The Importance of Preventative Care

Many people are dealing with chronic illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. However, these conditions are preventable, and the doctors at Argyle Family Practice in Argyle, TX, can identify potential issues with an annual physical exam.

By participating in preventive health screenings and consultations with your primary care doctor, you can significantly increase your life expectancy. Once you reach a certain age, also known as middle-aged, routine tests and exams are needed to check for chronic diseases. Some examples of recommended preventative exams for adults, women, and children include:

  • Colorectal Cancer Screening - Adults 45 to 75 years of age
  • Lung Cancer Screening - Adults 50 to 80 years of age at high risk for lung cancers, even if they no longer smoke.
  • Breast Cancer Mammography - Women over 40 years of age as recommended by a physician
  • Developmental Screening - For children under the age of 3
  • Vision Screening - For children of all ages

If it has been over a year since you've seen a doctor, it is time for your physical. Call Dr. Hughes and Dr. Musgrave at Argyle Family Practice in Argyle, TX, to make your physical appointment at (940) 226-4850.